Prepare for your applications

The following documents and demonstrations will be required for your enrolment and visa applications. It’s advised that you have prepared or to have everything organized to procure them to make the application processes as smooth as possible

  • Check enrolment dates
  • Passport
  • Grades, marks, and/or results
  • Police record
  • Health check
  • English proficiency check
  • Cover letters/Personal statement

Submit your application for enrolment in an education institution

This is usually the first application to be submitted because, in order to apply for a student visa, you must have been accepted into an institution and received a letter of acceptance. This step depends on the institution and country you wish to reside in. The application for enrolment generally requires the following documentation:

  • Academic record
  • Cover Letter/Personal Statement
  • Grades, marks, and/or results
  • Passport
  • English Proficiency test results
  • Proof of sufficient income for academic costs

Our counselors will assist you in making sure that every single document and demonstration is completed. This can take anywhere between a month to almost a year to be processed, so it’s important to give yourself enough time. Once you receive a positive response, you may proceed.