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Free Visa Help

Upon being accepted into an educational institution you are able to apply for a student visa. We assist our clients with every step of the process of applying for a Visa to their selected study destination.

  • We will give you an in-depth explanation of the steps, documentation, and requirements for obtaining your relevant Visa,

  • We provide all the resources, documentation, and important information for easy and simple submission and application. We will help with every step of the way from preparation to submission, guiding you, and reviewing everything.

  • We will also assist with the acquisition of the appropriate health insurance, as this is an important and necessary requirement upon entry to the country. This would cover visits to the doctor, hospital, as well as ambulance services, and prescription medication.

Like your application for enrolment, this step can vary significantly depending on the country that you are applying to enter. You may be required to do or present the following:


  • Offer Letter from your educational institution

  • Your Passport

  • Police check

  • Health/Medical check

  • Proof of sufficient income for living costs

  • Attend interview/appointments



Our counselors will assist you with the collection, completion, and submission of your documents and make sure it’s the highest standard possible. The processing time for such applications can range from a couple of months to almost a year, so it is important to ensure that you commence the process as early as possible. Once you receive the student visa, you will be able to embark upon your academic adventure of a lifetime!    

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