Scholarships and bursaries/grants are forms of financial assistance given to students based on merit or their personal circumstances. Examples include country of origin, the degree is chosen, etc. A scholarship is usually awarded based on an individual assessment with criteria recognizing and rewarding achievements, academic or otherwise. A bursary or grant is designed to assist students who meet specific criteria. These are in the form of discounts or deductions applied to course fees ranging for a set period of time or the entire degree. Other forms include payments made per Term to students, with a choice where they want to spend it on.

There are many governments and university-specific scholarships designed to attract high-performing or needing students; as well as those hoping to work in the country after they graduate. These Scholarships are often the difference between a success story or a failure, as they’re often offered to those who require assistance or given to high performing students for an extra boost for achieving higher success.


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