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Many countries take tax from an individual’s payment before it’s paid. A tax return occurs when you pay more tax than you should, given your level of income. Different countries have different ways of processing tax, and it’s a complicated and time-consuming process for anyone. Kangaroo Global is here to help you get through the stressful method of tax return!


PS: This Service is available in Australia only.

Clients are required to pay the service fee. ( Subject to change without any prior notice )

You can download the Electronic Fill PDF form and mandatory signature on the form at the bottom of the document . Once fully Completed Please  send it to  the email :  or reach us on +61 45021 3383 (whatsapp or text message only ) we endeavour to get back to you with two business days during the financial year only .

PS : This Tax Return Service is valid for Domestic and International Students only . Available from 1st of June to 1st of September every financial year .

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